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William Muirhead Joins Cameron & District Pipe Band Of Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri- The Cameron & District Pipe Band of Kansas City is pleased to announce that William Muirhead has joined its ranks.

William has been piping for approximately half a century. He received his tuition from Robert C. Ghilchrist and George M. Bell in the U.S. He also comes from a family of pipers in Scotland.

In competition, he has been a prize-winning piper in solo competitions and Pipe Major in band competitions, across all levels, disciplines and piping societies.

While Director of The Scottish Heritage Program at Lyon College, he grew the pipe band from a Grade 5 regional band in Arkansas to a competitive Grade 3 second place finish at the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland. Along the way, the band competed successfully throughout the U.S. including in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, as well as internationally at the North American Championships in Maxville and Montreal and various competitions in Scotland.

William created, developed and taught the curriculum for the Bagpiping Minor degree at Lyon College. William designed, registered, and manufactured the Lyon College tartan, and directed the Arkansas Scottish Festival which provided the funds to support the pipe band’s travel.

Willie was also a founding member and secretary of The United States Piping Foundation, a judge on the Midwest Pipe Band Association panel and director of piping at The Colonial Highland Gathering in Fair Hill, MD.


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