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Cameron & District Makes 2023 Highland Games Debut In St. Louis

Cameron & District exiting the St. Louis awards ceremony.

Kansas City, Missouri - In its first contest of the 2023 season, the Cameron & District Pipe Band of Kansas City (grade 3) performed a march strathspey & reel set, as well as a medley, at the St. Louis Scottish Games and Cultural Festival on May 6, 2023.

The Scottish games were attended by 3800 enthusiasts, and the band's two performances were well received by a large and enthusiastic crowd.

By all accounts the St. Louis Games were a success for the organizers and vendors, and Midwest Pipe Band Association did its usual great job of officiating the day's solo and band piping and drumming competitions. The games volunteers were most hospitable and helpful.

The band very much enjoyed the Scottish festival's environs at the picturesque Schroeder Park in the St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Manchester. The band looks forward to returning in 2024.

Cameron & District Pipe Band is an all-volunteer Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Charity.


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