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Cameron & District Appoints Ryan Schultz As Pipe Sergeant

Kansas City, Missouri - Pipe Major Jim Riddle of Cameron & District Pipe Band announced the appointment of Ryan Schultz as Pipe Sergeant. Ryan joined the band in September, 2022.

"Ryan has brought a wealth of piping and leadership experience to the band, and in his new role as Pipe Sergeant he will serve us well" said Jim Riddle.

Ryan began piping at the age of 12 in Syracuse, NY with the Syracuse Scottish Pipe Band. He continued to play with them until he was 16 and moved to Greensboro, NC where he joined the Grandfather Mountain Highlanders Pipe Band. After a successful run with Grandfather Mountain ended in 2003, Ryan graduated college and joined the Marine Corps. Ryan was able to rejoin Grandfather Mountain from 2008-2010 before moving to northern Virginia and joining MacMillan pipe band for a year in 2013.

During his piping career Ryan has competed in both solo and band competitions all over the eastern and Midwest United States, Canada, and Scotland.

The band is very grateful to Matt Kline who served as the previous pipe sergeant.


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