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Early 2022 Message from    P.M. Riddle

Hi Guys and Gals!
Here we are, another season of piping and drumming ahead of us. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am! I have attached a .pdf you can print and put on your Icebox with our schedule. This has all the information on it I currently have pertaining to gigs, and rehearsals. It may be updated with a new one in the future so bear with me. As usual you can Email me, call me, or facebook me any questions any time.
What are our goals for this season?

First let's review. As you know we crushed it last season. Thank you to Jarrod and the drum corps, and all the players that made this possible. We also had/have a number of players that travel from out of state to play with the "little band that could". Thank you guys for the sacrifice. We literally could not do it without you. 

When you get all 1s in a contest against so many bands, people start to talk. So the MWPBA upgraded us to grade 3! Let's show them we belong. Jarrod and I have been working hard on scores, tune selections, and settings for months. We all received the music and are ready to start putting these tunes on the instruments. Now its time to get to work perfecting our individual skill, memorizing these tunes and scores, and practicing at home. We also need full attendance of all competitive members at rehearsals. We need this time together to develop ensemble and unity.  The standard is continually rising, 

So goals...
1. We need to grow the band. Lets teach and recruit. Remember though we are a by invitation band, whoever we invite to the band needs to be cool. No Drama. 

2. Be more conscientious. We have a tendency to be a bit rude, naughty, loud, disrespectful, etc. We need to do better at rehearsals and performances. We have offended people from time to time with some inappropriate jokes and statements, myself included. Our band is growing, we need to be open to, and excepting of our differences.  

3. Have fun! Let's remember why we do this. What better pastime is there? History, pageantry, music, competition, travel, teamwork, family and friends connections that last for life. I would not be the man I am today without the people I met, and things I learned in pipe-band. 

4. Lets WIN. What is more fun than winning or placing in a contest as a team? I believe in us, our drive, our competitive spirit, our camaraderie. Lets shoot for excellence in every contest and performance. Its about making great music. The awards are recognition by our peers that we are putting something beautiful out into the world.      

5. Financial Stability. We have some good gigs this year, but not enough to carry the entire expenses of the band. As a new band we have all carried some additional burdens (buying your own kilt, paying for your own lodging etc) I have some ideas on sponsorships, but this is some time off. We need to discuss revenue ideas. A 501c3 is probably in our future, so all of your rich uncles can donate for a tax deduction 😉.  I will provide a breakdown of our expenses and income this year.  

Thanks for reading this rambling email. Lets plan on a quick meeting at 7:00 on Tuesday. We will use the band messenger account as usual to discuss a few things. See you Tuesday as I remain
Your humble Servant
P.M. Jim Riddle


(Revised 2-22-2023)


Monthly Rehearsals

October 23, 2022

Lee & Beth Wilson's Home

10957 Ellington Road
Centerville, KS 66014

Lee- 913.220.1212

Beth- 913.669.7712

December 11, 2022
Cliff Davis' Business Location
Breathe Oxygen & Medical Supply
6530 SE  Forbes Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66619
Cliff- 785-224-8224

January 15, 2023
Winter Storm
Marriott Hotel

February 11, 2023
Second Baptist Church
300 East Kansas Street
Liberty, MO 64068

March, 2023 TBD
April, 2023 TBD
May, 2023 TBD
June 11, 2023
Cliff & Kathi Davis
3521 SW York Way
Topeka, Kansas 66604
Cliff- 785.224.8224
Kathi-  785.221.8387

Highland Games

2023 Schedule

St. Louis Highland Games
Schroeder Park, Manchester, MO
May 6

Midwest Pipe Band Championship
Chicago Scots Scottish Festival and Highland Games
Hamilton Lakes, Itasca, IL
June 17

Mid America Pipe Band Championships
Wisconsin Highland Games
Waukesha County Expo Center, Waukesha, WI
September 2




11 - Cocktails and Kilts
17 - St. Patrick’s Day parades Click for Schedule
19 - All day Rehearsal 9:00 - 4:00

Cliff's Topeka warehouse

Breathe Oxygen & Medical Supply

6530 SE Forbes Avenue

Topeka, Kansas 66619


St. Louis Games

May 5-6, 2023

Make Your Hotel Reservation

Hampton Inn & Suites St. Louis/Chesterfield
5 McBride and Son Center Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63005


Link to book rooms is below


Rate includes breakfast for all room occupants.

Friday, May 5th - Saturday, May 6

(If you want to stay Saturday night for a Sunday departure, please let Michelle Findlay know via 816-551-1234 )

Credit card will not be charged until stay, may cancel room up to 48 hours before check-in. 

St. Louis Hotel - CAMERON & DISTRICT PIPE BAND reservation link

Friday, May 5th

Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites
5 Mcbride & Son Center Drive, Ch
esterfield, MO 63005

Check in after 3:00pm

3:00-5:00pm- check into hotel 
6:00pm- hotel conference room, rehearsal 
8:00pm- dinner on your own

Saturday, May 6th 

Games location: Schroeder Park
359 Old Meramec Station Road  

Manchester, MO 63021
Link to band info from games:

8:00am- tent crew at games to set up camp (Jarrod)
10:30am- Pipe Majors' meeting at MWPBA tent
11:30am- full band meeting at band tent to review details for day
1:00pm- band meet at tent to set up instruments and begin warmup
2:00pm- band in full uniform at tent ready for final tuning
2:15pm- M
SR performance

3:00pm - Medley performance

3:30? Duty band 6/8 performance
4:00pm- meet at tent in uniform for mass
ed bands prep
4:30pm- Awards and massed bands
5:30pm- tear down tents and go home

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